Integration Repair

The Repair feature allows you to manually replay all Transactions on an Integration which are in either an Error or Timed Out state.

Repair is a UI Action on the Integration. Clicking it will cause a bulk replay of all its broken Transactions (those in an Error or Timed Out state).

You can repair an Integration either from Unifi Integration Designer, or native ServiceNow:

Unifi Admins can repair Integrations.

Use Case

As a further aid, there is also a 'View broken transactions' Related Link on the Integration record which will take you to a list of all Transactions in an Error or Timed Out state.

Hints & Tips: It is possible for Unifi to be proactive and raise Incidents about Integrations (see Event Actions). In such a case, the repair functionality could be tied to the resolution of the Incident, whereby Unifi automatically runs 'Repair' on the Integration the Incident was raised against.

Replay, Repair and Ignored

When a Transaction is replayed (whether individually, or in bulk), the original record is set to 'Ignored' and a new Transaction (with a decimal suffix) is generated (taking the same Stage data & reprocessing it) and sent.