Unifi 3.0 Release Notes

Here you will find details of what's changed in this release, including new features & improvements, deprecated features and general fixes.


The ShareLogic Unifi 3.0 release includes a range of new features, improvements and fixes. Read on to find out about exciting new capabilities that will further enhance your experience.

Upgrade Notice

Please note that, as with every release, there may be some changes that are not entirely compatible with your existing integrations. While we do everything we can to make sure you won’t have to fix your integrations when upgrading, we strongly encourage all our customers to perform full end-to-end tests of their integrations before upgrading Unifi in Production.

We also highly recommend aligning your Unifi upgrade with your ServiceNow upgrade. This means you only need to test your integrations one time rather than once for the ServiceNow upgrade and once for the Unifi upgrade.

Feedback and Reviews

We really appreciate feedback on what we’re doing - whether it’s right or wrong! We take feedback very seriously, so if you feel you’d give us anything less than a 5 star rating, we’d love to hear from you so we can find out what we need to do to improve!

If you would rate us 5 stars, and haven’t left a review on the ServiceNow Store yet, we’d be grateful if you would head over there to leave us your feedback. It only takes a few minutes and really does help us a lot. Go on, you know you want to leave a 5-star review on the Store!

Unifi 3.0 Highlights

Test Assistant

Unifi 3.0 introduces the Unifi Test Assistant as a way to view, run and analyse automated tests in your instance. Test Assistant helps to remedy the issues of regression testing large numbers of integrations when you come to upgrade your ServiceNow instance or Unifi itself. Tests are created with one click from existing bonds, and can be tested at any time. Exporting tests to your other instances is a breeze as the tests are packaged with your integrations.

Dynamic Documentation Update

The integration documentation automatically generated for every integration has had a major overhaul with a new layout, better navigation, and major performance improvements.

New Features & Improvements

  • UN-114 Added a Connection Test button to perform a simple high-level test of the connection to the specified endpoint.

  • UN-187 Automate creation of the Business Rule on any table that has a Unifi message assigned to it.

  • UN-783 The table field is now cleared when copying Receipt or Response messages.

  • UN-794 Added Run Conditions Section to Event Actions in Unifi Designer.

  • UN-796 Added checks for Unifi properties in Diagnostic.

  • UN-797 Attachment trigger Business Rule is now wrapped by console so it generates Activity Logs.

  • UN-807 Improve ActivityLog performance within loops.

  • UN-809 Added system property to control of the maximum age of Activity Logs.

  • UN-810 Modified attachment processing so that it will only be processed when the related record is already bonded.

  • UN-811 Improvements to Activity Log performance.

  • UN-812 Inbound REST methods are automatically created when Processes are defined/updated.

  • UN-813 Warning during outbound message processing (e.g. "Ignoring messages for integration ...") have been changed to debugs.

  • UN-818 Editing a field map now causes the Integration Build button to be shown.

  • UN-828 Transaction Replay from list view now informs the user if replays have been unsuccessful.

  • UN-890 Connections can be assigned an instance to prevent production integrations running in sub-production instances when cloned.

  • UN-908 Add fields and field maps to documentation.

  • UN-912 Added links to various configuration records in platform so they can be easily opened in Unifi Designer.

  • UN-915 Show number of active integrations to make it easy for people to know how many licences they have used.

  • UN-916 Add Response Actions to Unifi documentation generator.

  • UN-917 Add Poll Processors to Unifi documentation generator.

  • UN-918 Add Scheduled Jobs to Unifi documentation generator.

  • UN-924 Update to Transaction and HTTP Request numbers to show decimal suffix on first attempt.

  • UN-930 Allow message scripts to be toggled on dynamic documentation.

  • UN-952 Bond ownership can now be controlled from Message fields.

  • UN-953 Bond state can now be controlled from Message fields.

  • UN-967 Added information box to Connections page in Unifi Designer to show the inbound endpoints of the integration.

  • UN-968 Process page now shows all fields in Unifi Designer.

  • UN-969 Attempt number is now shown on inbound HTTP requests.

  • UN-972 Related Event Actions are now shown on Messages.

  • UN-973 Messages are no longer prefixed with 'Copy of' if copying to another Integration.

  • UN-976 Messages are now ordered by name in Unifi Designer.

  • UN-977 Inbound transactions now set the source connection on the bond.

  • UN-978 Field inheritance is now active by default.

  • UN-988 Authorization header is masked in the headers on HTTP Request.

  • UN-992 Add support for headers and request in Payload to Stage message scripts.

  • UN-1000 Enhance Activity Log with success messages.

  • Other minor portal improvements.


  • UN-830 Bond history has been removed from the Bond form for performance.

  • UN-882 Updated the top navigation menu links in portals.

  • UN-889 Updated the 'Get help' portal page to show new branding and information.

  • UN-978 Field inheritance is now active by default and the form is locked down if inherit box is checked.


  • UN-771 Fixed auto-documentation printing layout.

  • UN-795 Fixed an issue where sending an attachment on new would incorrectly commit a new empty bond when the attachment failed to send.

  • UN-798 Fixed the Event Actions table field so it shows Unifi tables.

  • UN-799 Fixed an issue with the Event Action advanced condition also running the standard condition.

  • UN-800 Fixed an issue where no table being set on an Event Action would cause it to break.

  • UN-803 Fixed an issue where inactive Event Actions were being processed.

  • UN-808 Fixed domain value during HTTP Request retry.

  • UN-816 The Response Action field is now cleared when replaying a Transaction.

  • UN-820 Modified the attachment business rule condition to prevent an error when 'previous' object does not exist.

  • UN-822 Fixed the Diagnostic and Self-Test roles so they accessible by the Unifi admin role.

  • UN-829 Fixed an issue preventing a Unifi admin user from replaying Transactions.

  • UN-831 Fixed the inbound processing so that the transaction and bond domain are set correctly from the domain on the request.

  • UN-833 Added measures to prevent the increased async rule performance from causing blank tickets.

  • UN-865 Fixed an issue with the domain not being set when replaying a transaction or request.

  • UN-867 Fixed an issue with a successful Transaction not changing the Integration Status from "Awaiting" to "Up".

  • UN-868 Prevented a situation where an outbound sync response that updated the process record could cause an update loop.

  • UN-870 Fixed JellyRunnerLite from leaking a global 'result' object.

  • UN-880 Fixed an issue where copying an integration and clearing the target scope would result in the new integration being in the Unifi scope.

  • UN-909 Fixed an issue where the HTTP Request retry count failed when it gets to number 10.

  • UN-910 Fixed an issue where the HTTP Request attempt number was not updated when Replay is used.

  • UN-914 Introduced auto-refresh to the Operations portal to prevent the connection from being dropped.

  • UN-946 Fixed an issue with the Resume integration worker popup showing the wrong number of transactions

  • UN-962 Field bug where copying a Message between Integrations showed 'Build Integration' in the originating Integration, and not the target integration.

  • UN-971 Fixed an issue where copying a Message to another integration resulted in fields in a different integration.

  • UN-987 Fixed issue with form choice fields becoming unresponsive in portal forms.

  • UN-993 Fixed Resume and Repair worker counters being wrong when processing more than 100 records.