Create a New Dataset

Creating a new Dataset for exporting and importing data is a simple 3-step process.

  1. Create a new Dataset

  2. Configure the Process Message

  3. Configure the Send Message

  4. Setup an export schedule

  5. Build

Datasets require the Global Utility in order for ServiceNow platform components to be created automatically.

Create a New Dataset

  1. Open Integration Designer and select or create an Integration.

  2. From the main integration menu, select Datasets.

  3. Click New.

  4. Fill in the required information and choose your configuration.

  5. Click Submit and view.

Creating a new Dataset will automatically configure several dependencies in your instance. These are:

  • A Message called Process_<table>

  • A Message called Send_<table>

  • A Scheduled Import Set with the same name as the Dataset

  • A Transform Map

Once the Dataset has been created, data is configured using Messages, Fields and Field Maps.

Configure Process Message

The Process Message handles the data mapping. Use the Fields list to configure which fields are being imported/exported.

  1. From the Dataset details tab, navigate to the Process message and use the clickthrough button to open it.

  2. From the Message, open the Fields list and add the fields that should be imported/exported. Each field will need to have a Dataset specific Field Map for transforming the data.

  3. Ensure at least one field will Coalesce so the import can match to existing records.

  4. Click Build Message.

Field Maps designed for an eBonding integration may not work for Datasets. Use the included "Dataset..." Field Maps or create your own using these as an example.

Configure Send Message

The Send Message handles the data to be imported or exported as an attachment.

The Path will need to be configured depending on where the data is being sent. If you are connecting to another ServiceNow instance using a ShareLogic endpoint, you will likely need to configure the Path to use the dataset web service at path "/dataset".

  1. From the Dataset details tab, navigate to the Send message and use the clickthrough button to open it.

  2. Open the Outbound > Settings page.

  3. Configure the Path as required, e.g. "/dataset".

  4. Click Save.

Setup an Export Schedule

Datasets have the same schedule logic as any other scheduled job and can be configured to export data whenever needed.

  1. Open the Dataset.

  2. Click Scheduling to open the scheduling tab.

  3. Configure the desired schedule.

  4. Click Save.

Turning off the schedule will prevent data from being automatically exported.


Several important features are built into the integration build process for Datasets. Ensure you build the integration whenever you have finished adding or making major changes to a Dataset.

  1. Scheduled Import Sets are created and updated.

  2. Transform Maps are created and updated.