Install or Upgrade

Follow these steps to install or upgrade Unifi.

1. Install or Upgrade Unifi

Unifi is exclusively available through the ServiceNow Store with a limited trial or paid subscription.

To install Unifi on your instance, you will need to ensure it has been given entitlement to the application. You must do this through the ServiceNow Store.

Once you have setup entitlement, you can use the Application Manager in your ServiceNow instance to install and upgrade Unifi. You can find more information on how to Install a ServiceNow Store Application in the ServiceNow Product Documentation.

When upgrading, make sure you also install the latest versions of Global Utility and Hotfix.

2. Install Global Utility

Unifi has some powerful features that will only work with access to the global scope. Access is granted through the Unifi Global Utility.

Full details can be found on the Global Utility page.

3. Install Hotfix

Unifi has the ability to be patched between releases by using a special Script Include called hotfix.

Full details can be found on the Hotfixes page.

4. Configure

You're good to start building your first integration or import one you already have.

If you’re new to Unifi then you might like to follow one of our integration guides. You can access the Integration Guides from the menu.