CreateIncidentInboundReceipt Message

We will configure an outbound receipt message to respond to the data returned from the poll and update the originating record in the remote instance with the correlation id.

New Message Modal

Click the 'Messages' icon, then New.

The fields to be configured for the CreateIncidentInboundReceipt New Message modal are as follows:


Message name

The message name that is unique for this integration.



The primary purpose of the message.



The directions(s) this message is configured to support.



The description for this message and the requirement is is meeting.

<Your description>

Your CreateIncidentInboundReceipt New Message modal should look like this:

Click Submit and view to further configure the Message.

Response Fields

Navigate to Message > Response.

The Response fields to be configured are as follows:



The immediate synchronous response to this message.

lookup: 'Response'

Your Response form should look like this:

Navigate to Outbound > Settings.

Outbound Settings Fields

The Outbound Settings fields to be configured are as follows:



A path to append to the URL defined in the connection. Specify a full URL to override the connection. Define inline scripts to reference Stage to Request script variables by wrapping code in braces {}, e.g. /{transaction.message_id}.


Action method

The SOAP Action or the REST Method to use for this message. If this field is empty the SOAP Action will default to the message name and the REST Method will default to POST.



Only add the /table/incident element of this value if you have used the truncated Endpoint URL in the Connection. If you have used the full Endpoint URL, this element can be excluded here.

Your Outbound Settings form should look like this:

Click Save.

We are now ready to configure the Fields for our CreateIncidentInboundReceipt Message.