Bond Identification

In order for both systems to identify & understand which records are bonded and to facilitate only returning data from bonded records, we need to make a few configuration changes.

Our previously configured Outbound Incident Integration was very simple example and we weren't concerned with identifying which system made the updates. Neither were we concerned with telling the remote system which record they were bonded with.

Now that we're polling our PDI for data as well as sending data, we need to be aware of both the above concerns.

The first concern (identifying which system made the updates) has been taken care of in the Poll Processor Setup script (only returning data not updated by the Basic Authentication User). However, it doesn't make sense to try and return that data from all the records in the remote system. We should only be concerned with those records we're bonded with. To facilitate this we need to make a few configuration changes. We need to make a change in the remote system (our PDI) and some changes to our existing outbound CreateIncident Message.

First, we will need to Edit the Incident Form in our PDI.