The Trigger is a Business Rule which stipulates the conditions under which Messages will be sent for the process concerned.

Business Rule

There is no need for you to manually create a Trigger (Business Rule). If you have more than one, you will make duplicate updates.

Unifi will automatically create a Trigger (Business Rule) for the Process being integrated (if one doesn't already exist) when you run 'Build' either on the Integration or Message once your Create Message is configured.

In native ServiceNow, navigate to System Definition > Busines Rules. Find and navigate to the automatically generated Business Rule.

The format of the name will be '[S] Unifi ' + <Table Name> + ' trigger rule'.

The top section of your Business Rule record should look like this:

When to run Fields

Your 'When to run' tab should look like this:

Advanced Fields

The code in the script field should look like this:

(function executeRule(current, previous /*null when async*/) {
  x_snd_eb.ws_console.logExecute('Business rule: [S] Unifi ' + current.getTableName() + ' trigger rule', function () {
    x_snd_eb.ActivityLog.setDocument(current, 'sys_script');
})(current, previous);

Your 'Advanced' tab should look like this:

We have confirmed the main elements are in place for our Integration to work. We are now ready to Test our CreateIncident Message.