Congratulations on successfully polling your PDI for updates using this Update Poller Guide.

This Guide has shown us how we might configure a poller integration - polling data from the table API of a Personal Developer Instance (PDI) and then configure an inbound message to process that data. As such, we created the following records:

  • Poll Processor

  • Poller

  • Inbound Message

  • Fields

We also made further configuration changes to both the remote instance (PDI) and internal instance, in order to facilitate the following:

  • Message Identification

  • Bond Identification

In testing our integration, we created some incidents in the remote instance which were bonded. We then updated the bonded records from both instances (polling for updates each time). We successfully proved that we were only querying bonded records, pulling back updates made in the remote instance since the last update time, only retrieving a select number of fields and that the returned requests were looped through, generating transactions for each updated ticket.

By Using the Unifi integration platform, we have discovered that building and testing our integration is simpler and more efficient, saving both time and money. Our hope is that this Guide has been a valuable aid to you in that process.

For further information please see our technical documentation.

If you have any feedback or questions, please contact us via our website contact form.