Data Stores

A Data Store is simply a key-value pair stored in the database that is available to all records in the system.


Use Data Stores to easily make variables persistent and retrievable.

Data Stores are used primarily in Message Scripts and Poll Processor scripts when you want to get and set functional data that is relevent to the integration but does not belong on the target record.

This is particularly handy in a uni-directional integration where polling the remote system is necessary. You can store data such as:

  • The last time a request was made

  • Identifiers that have been seen before

  • Watermarks


Storing Strings

Use getData and setData to work with simple string-like data.

// Store the current log count
var log_count = bond.getData('log_count');
bond.setData('log_count', parseInt(log_count, 10) + 1)

Storing Objects

You can also work with objects just as easily by using getDataObject and setDataObject. These functions automatically take care of encoding the object for database storage and decoding it for JavaScript usage again.

// Store the logs that have been seen
var logs_seen = bond.getDataObject('logs_seen'); // [1375, 1399, 1748]
bond.setDataObject('logs_seen', logs_seen);