Unifi 4.2 Release Notes

Release date: 15 April, 2024


The ShareLogic Unifi 4.2 release mainly consists of minor feature improvements and bug fixes.

The noteworthy updates are:

  • A new update checker in Designer makes it easy to see if you have the latest and correct versions of the application, utility and hotfix.

  • Trigger business rules, REST services and SOAP services are now easily accessible from the navigator menu.

  • Async receipts will now send correctly for inbound create requests that fail.

  • Fixed an issue with inbound request content-type processing which could result in "HttpRequestError: Unable to identify message name from request".

  • Fixed the Integration copy logic to prevent duplicate Dataset messages from being created.

New Features & Improvements

UN-1258 Add Field Map to support Glide List fields

Added a new Field Map for ServiceNow GlideList fields.

Links to open hotfix and global utility can now be find in the "Check Available Updates" window, available from the main menu in Designer.

UN-1417 Allow inbound user on Connection to be selected by user_name instead

Added search capability for name on the inbound user on connections.

UN-1424 Add a field map for Datasets that uses the field choice functionality to map choice fields

New Dataset field map added for choice fields.

UN-1426 Update default trigger rule Activity Log naming for clarity in syslog

New trigger business rules now use a specific table for the ActivityLog description rather than relying on current.getTableName().

Added a new module "Trigger Rules" to the Administration menu group to show Business Rules that are integration triggers.

Added two new modules under the Administration menu group: “REST Services” and “SOAP Services”, each linking to respective web service methods that call Unifi.

UN-1435 Add ability to easily access hotfix and global utility from Designer

Links to Global Utility and Hotfix are now available from the "Check Available Updates" window in Designer.

UN-1436 Allow hotfix and global utility versions to be checked at any time

Updated the way users can check for application, Hotfix and Global Utility versions to make it more useful.

UN-1440 Prevent Replay Request button from appearing on Http Requests belonging to an ignored Transaction

Updated the Replay button on an Http Request so it does not show when the transaction is in the Ignored state.

UN-1445 Clear out the Data source field on Dataset Scheduled Import records

The data source is no longer packaged with integrations.

UN-1448 Add new modules for templates in the Unifi Application menu

Added a new module to show integration templates, and added a new filter to the integrations list to exclude templates from actual integrations.

UN-1449 Allow integrations to be copied from the integration homepage in Designer

A new Copy button has been added to the Integration Dashboard.

UN-1455 Add number to Dataset form in Designer

Number field values are now automatically appended to the record title when viewing in Designer.

UN-1457 Make it easier to access table lists in Designer from the sidebar

Improved the sidebar menu. A collapsed sidebar will show submenus on hover. Clicking on a sidebar item will navigate directly to its page.


UN-1384 Unifi does not send async receipt or error message if an error is thrown during "Create" from Message Script “Stage to Target (inbound)”

Updated transaction processing to clear the bond and document values on the transaction when an inbound create message fails during Stage to Target processing (no bond or document records exist when an inbound create fails). This allows async receipts to be sent as expected.

UN-1403 Inbound Create Receipt processing can be too slow and cause "External ref not valid" for inbound updates

The Async flag is now available on receipt messages. By default (async off), inbound receipt messages will now be processed while the inbound request waits which will help prevent failed concurrent requests due to large amounts of business logic on high-throughput systems. Turning Async on for a receipt will cause the inbound Stage to Target processing to happen asynchronously as in previous versions.

UN-1409 Loading Designer immediately after upgrading to 4.1 shows an error with VersionCheck

Fixed an issue with the VersionCheck which caused an error to be thrown when no data was found.

UN-1410 Event chaining is broken in DataSetProcessor

Fixed an issue which prevented scripts using the internal Unifi DataSetProcessor to batch process large amounts of data.

UN-1413 Integration repair only processes one record

Fixed an issue with the Repair integration process which would repair one transaction before exiting.

Links for hotfix and global utility now work correctly

UN-1416 Dataset Cleanup event can run indefinitely

Fixed an issue with Dataset Cleanup script action caused by the ServiceNow event object now being read only which prevented parameter updates from being passed to the next auto-queued event.

UN-1418 The Fields list on Message in Designer has incorrect background and a misaligned header

Fixed visual styling of embedded fields list in a message form in Designer.

UN-1421 Unifi portal interfaces do not render correctly with Portal Announcements

Updated Designer to prevent announcements from breaking the layout.

UN-1423 Page loader overlays the copy modal when copying an integration

Updated loading logic to prevent loading modal when another modal is already open.

UN-1425 Replaying a failed create HTTP request does not update the transaction/process error or states

Updated HTTP Request replay logic to clear errored transaction values and make it clear what happened in the latest request.

UN-1429 Attachments sent via emails are not sent to bonded systems

Added logic to send attachments via Unifi integrations when they are added to a record via an inbound email.

UN-1432 Inbound settings for Receipt messages is not shown in the UI

Fixed an issue with section visibility checks in Designer portal forms.

UN-1434 HttpRequestError: Unable to identify message name from request

Fixed an issue with inbound request content type validation that could sometimes prevent messages from being identified.

UN-1437 Clearing the Read-only Role property incorrectly allows access to tables

An empty Read-only Role property will no longer allow access to records.

UN-1444 Mandatory field popup is broken

Fixed an issue with mandatory field form validation that would show an invalid field modal which looked broken.

UN-1451 Responses to outbound async messages are not processed

Added support for processing a response payload for an outbound async message where the transaction state is Awaiting Receipt.

UN-1452 Copying an integration with datasets will create duplicates of dataset messages

Fixed issue with duplicate Dataset messages being created when copying an integration containing one or more Datasets.

UN-1453 Bond duplicate entry (unique key violation) during inbound processing

Updated inbound processing logic to help prevent unique key violations when creating the Bond.

UN-1454 Copying/deleting a dataset redirects Designer to the backend form

Added configuration to fix navigation issues with Datasets when viewing them in Designer.

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