You should have successfully configured two Poll Processors and two Pollers (plus edited the previously configured Child Poller & Poll Processor and edited the Endpoint URLs. Now to test.

If active, it may help to turn off the Parent Update Poller we created (set Active to 'false') whilst conducting these tests and to manually execute it as required (this can still be done even if the Poller is inactive). This is so that we don't have to wait for the Poller to run, but rather manually activate it when needed by clicking 'Execute Now'.

To turn it off, in Unifi Integration Designer, click the 'Pollers' icon, locate the Parent Update Poller & set Active to false.

If you have edited the Connection, Poll Processors & Outbound Message Paths and because our Poll Processors have been configured to poll for updates from our PDI and make a decision - telling Unifi which Message to use to process that data, it will be necessary to test, utilising all the previously configured Messages, along with the new one. The Message Scenarios we shall be testing are:

  • CreateIncident

  • UpdateIncident

  • ResolveIncident

  • CreateIncidentInbound

  • UpdateIncidentInbound

  • ResolveIncidentInbound

  • AddAttachmentInbound

We will look in more detail at the steps for each over the next several pages.

If you have not editied the Connection, Poll Processors & Outbound Message Paths (because they were already configured with the /table/incident element in the Poll Processors & Outbound Message Paths), then you may not need to test the Outbound Scenarios. This is because they would have already been tested as configured when following the Outbound Incident Guide.

However, because the codebase hase been edited in the Response Script of the 'Unifi - SN REST Poller Single Incident with Attachments' Poll Processor, all the Inbound Messages should be tested.

(You will need to create some bonded tickets in the remote system - whether created outbound or inbound - in order to facilitate testing the Inbound Messages.)

First, we shall test the Outbound Scenarios.

pageTest Outbound ScenariospageTest CreateIncidentInboundpageTest UpdateIncidentInboundpageTest ResolveIncidentInboundpageTest AddAttachmentInbound