CreateIncidentResponse Message

The CreateIncidentResponse Message is the immediate, synchronous response that is sent after processing the Createincident Message.

New Message Modal

In Unifi Integration Designer, navigate to the 'Messages' icon. Click New.

The fields to be configured for the CreateIncidentResponse New Message modal are as follows:


Message name

The message name that is unique for this integration.



The primary purpose of the message.



The direction(s) this message is configured to support. (Choices: Inbound, Outbound, Bidirectional)


Your CreateIncidentResponse New Message modal should look like this:

Click Submit and view to further configure the Message.

Bond Fields

Navigate to Message > Bond.

The Bond fields to be configured are as follows:


Set bond state inbound*

Set the Bond State when receiving this message. Use 'None' to leave the Bond State alone or to modify it via a Message/Field Stage to Target script.


*Set bond state choices: None, Pending, Open, Suspended, Vendor suspended, Closed

Your Bond form should look like this:

Setting the Bond state to Open allows messages to be sent/received. See the 'Bonds' page for details.

Click Save.

We are now ready to configure the Fields for our CreateIncidentResponse Message.