Unifi 2.1 Release Notes

Here you will find details of what's changed in this release, including new features & improvements, deprecated features and general fixes.


Welcome to the release notes for Unifi - Version 2.1. Please have a read through to see new features and fixes that have been added.

Upgrade Notice

Please note that, as with every release, there may be some changes that are not entirely compatible with your existing integrations. While we do everything we can to make sure you won't have to fix your integrations when upgrading, we strongly encourage all our customers to perform full end-to-end tests of their integrations before upgrading Unifi in Production.

We also highly recommend aligning your Unifi upgrade with your ServiceNow upgrade. This means you only need to test your integrations one time rather than once for the ServiceNow upgrade and once for the Unifi upgrade.

Feedback and Reviews

We really appreciate feedback on what we're doing - whether it's right or wrong! We take feedback very seriously, so if you feel you'd give us anything less than a 5 star rating, we'd love to hear from you so we can find out what we need to do to improve!

If you would rate us 5 stars, and haven't left a review on the ServiceNow Store yet, we'd be grateful if you would head over there to leave us your feedback. It only takes a few minutes and really does help us a lot. Go on, you know you want to leave a 5-star review on the Store!


Major Portal Update

The biggest change in this release is the update to the Portal interface, now known as Unifi Integration Designer.

The old operations dashboard has now been moved to the new Unifi Operations Portal, ready for lots of exciting updates around operations in the near future. It's been replaced with a brand new configuration dashboard, allowing you to view, create, copy and manage your processes and integrations with ease.

There are lots of improvements across the board when configuring an integration, too, not least of all including support for all the components you need to build any Ticket Exchange integration together in an intuitive way.

Integration Pause

We've introduced a brand new capability to pause an integration. This allows you to temporarily prevent outbound messages from being sent, instead allowing them queue ready for sending in future. This is different to deactivating the integration, which would prevent message processing altogether. You might want to do this if you are having a lot of errors with the external system, or perhaps if it's gone down for maintenance. Once you know the system is back up and online, you can resume the integration with the click of a button and it will automatically start processing the queued messages.

Event Actions

The introduction of Event Actions is part of our ongoing strategy to improve operations management of integrations. By creating an Event Action, you can easily triage events such as transaction errors and perform actions to handle or report on those actions. For example, you might want to create an Incident record if you receive more than 5 transaction errors in 15 minutes.


Logged Attachments

With the introduction of Activity Logs you no longer need to attach logs to requests/transactions. Activity Logs are present in related lists on all relevant Transaction stack records.

The attached logs were previously controlled by the Attach logs and Attach payloads checkboxes on Integration, but they are now overridden off by a new Integration Enable Attachments system property. This property acts as the master switch and effectively disables the checkboxes on the Integration. Note: the checkboxes have been removed from the Integration form but can still be edited from the list view.


New Features & Improvements

  • Admins can now force close a bond. [UN-106]

  • Description field added to Data Stores. [UN-123]

  • New option on Integration to send attachments with Create messages. [UN-184]

  • Activity Log now references the Target (e.g. Incident). [UN-288]

  • Added a cleaner job, controlled by system properties, to remove orphaned Transactions. [UN-544]

  • New Poll Request states (Retrieving, Processing) are set while a Poller is processing . [UN-293]

  • Field style added to Active field on Poller. [UN-298]

  • Activity Log is now able to show the table that called it. [UN-305]

  • Field style added to Poll Request state. [UN-313]

  • Queued Transactions are now ignored when the bond is closed. [UN-370]

  • Fields can now be copied. [UN-389]

  • The Integration field is now auto-populated when creating a Field from a Message. [UN-395]

  • The Table field is now auto-populated when creating a Field. [UN-396]

  • Added Domain field to Transaction stack forms (Bond, Transaction, Stage, and HTTP Request). [UN-401]

  • Copy Message now copies all its Fields. [UN-420]

  • Copying an Integration now copies all the Fields. [UN-421]

  • Copy Integration is now available in the Portal. [UN-422]

  • Connection is now shown on Transaction. [UN-426]

  • Integration Status (Up, Down, Awaiting) is now tracked on the Integration. [UN-427]

  • Integration State (Active, Paused, Off) is now tracked on the Integration. [UN-428]

  • Added option to Run Event Actions on an Integration. [UN-431]

  • Bond now references the Connection it was created for. [UN-438]

  • Dynamic Stage ($stage) now has a getValue() method. [UN-441]

  • Fields and Field Maps can now be configured in the Portal. [UN-443]

  • Message level Fields can inherit from Integration level Fields. [UN-449]

  • Pollers are now listed on Integration. [UN-456]

  • Bonded Attachment records now track direction (Inbound or Outbound). [UN-461]

  • Added console object to all scripts for ease of logging. [UN-477]

  • Updated Activity Logs on the bond so it shows all Activity Logs for the Document record. [UN-513]

  • Improved Activity Log titles. [UN-514]

  • Admins can now force re-open a closed Bond. [UN-517]

  • Improved Execute Now button for Pollers. [UN-521]

  • Added Activity Logs to Poll Requests. [UN-522]

  • Added Integration field to Poll Request. [UN-523]

  • Improved naming for Portal based Activity Logs. [UN-529]

  • HTTP Request and Transaction now shows the Response Action that was used. [UN-533]

  • Cascade delete now applies to Field Maps belonging to an Integration. [UN-545]

  • Cascade delete now applies to Fields belonging to an Integration. [UN-546]

  • Cascade delete now applies to Pollers belonging to an Integration. [UN-547]

  • Cascade delete now applies to Pollers belonging to an Poll Processor. [UN-547]

  • Added Description field to Connection. [UN-565]

  • Added Description field to Scheduled Scripts. [UN-570]

  • Added Hints to Field Map fields. [UN-571]

  • Added execution URL to Activity Log. [UN-574]

  • Modified security on Activity Logs so they are visible to Unifi Managers. [UN-586]

  • New Unifi REST service and integration role added to simplify REST API configuration. [UN-633]

  • Changed Integration Format and Message Service defaults to be REST/JSON. [UN-634]


  • Bond closed field has been removed from Message. [UN-332]

  • The XML Template on Message no longer has a default value. [UN-398]

  • Changing the Integration on a Field now clears the Message. [UN-399]

  • Poll Processors are now copied when the Integration is copied. [UN-468]

  • Improved the Field "Depends on" logic. [UN-476]

  • Data Stores now inherit the domain from the parent document. [UN-481]

  • Message.processOutbound() will not send anything if the action on the current record has been aborted using setAbortAction(true). [UN-490]

  • Replay Request is now available to the Unifi manager role. [UN-494]

  • Most system properties are now Private and not transferrable by Update Set. [UN-652]

  • HTTP Request URL length limit increased to 2048 characters. [UN-118]

  • Transaction count on bond has been deprecated. [UN-141]

  • Number field has been removed from Messages and Message Scripts. [UN-208]

  • Modified Bond Reference Method field visibility on Message. [UN-292]

  • Ignore Transaction button now redirects to the Transaction being ignored. [UN-338]

  • Deprecated ECC Queue attachment support for attaching logs. [UN-405]

  • Deactivated the fix script x_snd_eb eBonding Upgrade. [UN-406]

  • Response is no longer mandatory on Message. [UN-439]

  • Integration properties which are numbers are now mandatory. [UN-440]

  • Endpoint URL is now visible on inbound requests. [UN-511]

  • Deprecated log attachments. [UN-540]

  • Bonded Attachment fields are now locked down. [UN-577]

  • Only Unifi Admins or Managers can replay HTTP Requests. [UN-581]

General Fixes

  • Inbound Create messages are now rejected when a Bond with the same reference exists. [UN-136]

  • Inbound Bonded Attachments now reference the Transaction they came in on. [UN-151]

  • Fixed issue with connection name generation. [UN-159]

  • Replaying a Transaction with attachments will now replay the attachments as well. [UN-226]

  • The Bond state will now always reflect the overall status of its transactions. [UN-230]

  • Bond status is now updated correctly when processing numerous queued messages. [UN-273]

  • A new field Deferred count has been added to Bonded Attachment which tracks how many times the attachment was not sent and allows us to properly calculate attachment metrics on the Bond. [UN-287]

  • Bond numbers are no longer used unnecessarily. [UN-315]

  • Fixed issues with assigning headers in Stage to Request Message Scripts. [UN-333]

  • Fixed an issue where calling a Unifi endpoint with GET would throw an error. [UN-380]

  • UTF-8 encoded XML is now checked before processing to prevent parsing issues. [UN-382]

  • The Name value on Field is now set even when a not mapping to a real field. [UN-397]

  • Fixed an issue where the Field form would always show the alert for losing changes. [UN-451]

  • Fixed duplicate attachment messages when using ServiceNow Antivirus scanning. [UN-465]

  • Inbound transactions that are replayed are now executed as the integration instead of the current user. [UN-473]

  • Fixed an issue with Field Choice generation not having the table set. [UN-475]

  • Replaying an HTTP Request now increments the number correctly. [UN-478]

  • Errors thrown in Field Map scripts will now show up in the Transaction. [UN-479]

  • Fixed an issue with replaying Transactions created by system. [UN-482]

  • Fixed Bond History state logging. [UN-485]

  • Fixed an issue with false-positive updates from Transactions. [UN-505]

  • The "Generate field choices" action on Field now checks for existing Field Choice entries. [UN-516]

  • Reference fields in Messages are now correctly updated when copying an Integration. [UN-530]

  • Fixed an issue where full Activity Logs would be sent to system log. [UN-534]

  • Logging verbosity is now allowed at error level. [UN-535]

  • Fixed an issue where queued Transactions would not be processed. [UN-543]

  • Connection is now updated when the Integration name is changed. [UN-552]

  • API names are now allowed to use a zero (0). [UN-553]

  • Clicking the "Generate field choices" action on Field will save the record first to ensure choices are generated correctly. [UN-556]

  • Response Action user notifications now work. [UN-562]

  • Fixed undefined error with Ignore Transaction button [UN-592]

  • Fixed issue in generating messages without a Connection URL [UN-638]

Integration Designer (Portal) Changes

  • Transactions are now ordered by date created in the live feed. [UN-452]

  • Side menu options are now highlighted when selected. [UN-453]

  • Reference links now navigate to the Portal pages instead of native ServiceNow. [UN-454]

  • Changed the style on inactive Boolean fields to differentiate them from read-only Boolean fields. [UN-564]

  • Embedded fonts/icons to improve page loading times. [UN-572]

  • Added Enable/Disable button to form headers for easy access. [UN-641]

Integration Designer (Portal) Fixes

  • Fixed read error when attempting to view a record in Portal as a non-admin. [UN-403]

  • Fixed Portal font size for instances running Madrid onwards. [UN-404]

  • Fixed an issue with the operations dashboard truncating the live transaction feed when there are less than 20 transactions. [UN-407]

  • Attachment sending can now be controlled from the portal. [UN-415]

  • Condition widgets now work in Portal. [UN-434]

  • Fixed an issue with variables payload and headers not being assignable in Message Scripts. (Closures have been replaced with instructive comments.) [UN-463]

  • Outbound Attachment properties are no longer visible for inbound only messages. [UN-472]

  • Bond scripted condition type only shows once instead of twice. [UN-558]

  • Long text fields in Portal lists are now truncated to improve usability. [UN-569]

  • Fixed render issue with reference fields that have no value in portal [UN-578]

  • References in lists now show "(empty)" if there is no display value [UN-640]

  • Fixed issue with form appearing read-only in Portal view when directly navigation to the URL [UN-642]

  • Fixed issue with Portal form loads from an external link [UN-643]

  • Added support for day-of-week type fields. [UN-566]

  • Added support for time fields. [UN-567]

  • Added support for interval fields. [UN-568]

  • Lists and pages now update the title in Portal. [UN-637]