Outbound Incident Guide

Follow this guide to configure a simple outbound integration to the table API of your Personal Developer Instance. It is given as an aid for those new to Unifi, or to play as part of a trial.


Congratulations on your decision to use Unifi, the only integration platform you need for ServiceNow. We are sure you will be more than satisfied with this extremely powerful, versatile and technically capable solution.


We have created this Outbound Incident Guide as an aid to customers who are beginning their journey in deploying the Unifi integration platform. We would not want you to be overwhelmed by exploring all that Unifi has to offer here, so we have deliberately limited the scope of this document. It will guide you through an example of how to configure a basic Incident integration, sending outbound messages via the REST API to the table API of another ServiceNow instance (i.e. your Personal Developer Instance, ‘PDI’).

We do not recommend synchronous integrations for enterprise ticket exchange. This Guide is purely here for you to have a play as part of a trial. It is designed to connect to a PDI without Unifi being installed on the other side.

For more technical information on how to use Unifi, please see our technical documentation.


Do not build integrations directly within the Unifi application scope. This can create issues with upgrades and application management.


The prerequisite to configuring Unifi is to have it installed on your instance. As with any other ServiceNow scoped application, Unifi must be purchased via the ServiceNow Store before installation.

We recommend you follow the Setup instructions prior to configuring your Integration.

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