We will configure an on-demand poll to query the remote system and pull back a list of attachments added to bonded records that have changed. Each will then be retrieved by another on-demand poll.

To set up an on-demand poll that will query the remote system for attachments and pass each to a subsequent poll, which will then retrieve them and pass them to Unifi to process, we will need to configure a further two each of the following records:

  • Child Poll Processor

  • Child Poller

(Note: one of the children will be a parent to the other)

We will also need to edit the previously configured Child Poll Processor (per the Parent & Child Poller Guide) to kick-off the first of our attachment Child Pollers.

To facilitate polling both the Table API and Attachment API, we may also need to make changes to the Endpoint URLs* configured in earlier Guides in the following places: (*only if the Connection contains the full endpoint url)

  • Connection

  • Outbound Message Path

  • Poll Processor Setup Script

We will look at each of those edits and the polling records in turn over subsequent pages. Before configuring those records, let’s first look at Connection Variables.

pageConnection VariablespageEdit Endpoint URLspageGet Attachment Poll ProcessorpageGet Attachment PollerpageSelect Attachments Poll ProcessorpageSelect Attachments PollerpageEdit Child Poll ProcessorpageEdit Child Update Poller