Getting Started

This Guide utilises the Unifi Integration Designer portal interface which allows you to configure and manage integrations much more intuitively and with greater efficiency.

Unifi Integration Designer

From within native ServiceNow, open the Unifi Integration Designer portal by navigating to Unifi > Unifi Integration Designer.


You will be greeted with the following Dashboard (which opens in a new window):

Any existing Processes will be listed as tiles, showing the number of Active Integrations for each. The total number of Active Integrations is also shown on the Dashboard.

Hovering over the tile of an existing Process will display 'Show integrations'. Clicking it will take you to the Integrations page (for that Process).

If appropriate, you can either edit the Settings of, or add a New Integration to an existing Process by clicking the ellipsis (at the bottom right of the tile).

In the next section, we shall look at configuring the Process.