Incident Update Poller Guide

Follow this guide to configure a poller integration - polling the table API of your Personal Developer Instance (PDI) for updates only. This is the first of five Poller Guides. See 'Scope' for more.


We will be configuring a Poller and Poll Processor in order to pull Incident data which has been updated from an external instance and pass it to Unifi. We will then configure the relevant inbound Message in order to process that data.

If you have been following along with the Outbound Incident Guide you will know that it is given as an example of how you might configure such an integration. It is not meant to be prescriptive. The same applies here.

Having said that, this Guide has been written to follow on from that previous one and has been structured accordingly.


This document will guide you through an example of how you might configure a poller integration - polling the table API of your Personal Developer Instance (PDI).

This Guide is complementary to the Outbound Incident Guide. It assumes that both the Integration and the Connection are still in place and will be using those same elements as configured in that Guide. It also assumes that you know how to use the REST API of your PDI to query for information and read ticket data.

If you haven’t completed the Outbound Incident Guide, please review & complete the following sections of that document, as they must be in place before continuing with this Guide:

The Outbound Incident Guide demonstrates how to configure outbound messages to the table API of your PDI. This Guide will demonstrate how you might poll data from the table API of your PDI and then configure inbound messages to process that data.


It is not always possible for a remote system to send us the data. In such cases, we can make a scheduled request for it using Pollers. We can setup, execute and process those Requests using Poll Processors.


A poller defines the frequency of polling and which logic to use. It is effectively a scheduled job which ties together an Integration and Poll Processor. Although a Poller belongs to only one Integration, an Integration can have multiple Pollers.

Poll Processor

A Poll Processor contains the logic that will be applied when polling a remote system for data. It contains three main scripts:

Setup Script

The Setup Script is used to build the environment for the poll and define what it will do (for example, create/setup the URL that will be called).

Request Script

The Request Script is used to reach into the remote system and execute the request. This is usually done by making a REST call to the URL defined in the Setup Script.

Response Script

The Response Script is used to process the information returned from the remote system.


Do not build integrations directly within the Unifi application scope. This can create issues with upgrades and application management.


We will need to store and check some returned data in order to evaluate when the data was changed and which system has made the updates to the data (we don’t want to pull back data we have changed).

We will begin by polling for updates only and processing those requests using an update message in Unifi.

We will also need to make some additional changes to the previously configured integration in order to allow for message identification and the ability to identify which records are bonded.