A Bonded Attachment is created for every synchronised attachment, storing relevant data.

For every attachment that is sent or received, a Bonded Attachment record is created that links to the attachment. This allows the system to automatically make size calculations and track if the attachment has been sent.

The attachment sits on the bond, but is also linked to and can be viewed from the transaction that sent it.

For implementations using multiple integrations with one record, one attachment can be added and it will automatically be sent and tracked across all the relevant bonds.

Unifi has automated checks that prevent attachments and updates being sent back to the originator (controlled by the Connection).

For full details on attachments please see the page on Attachment Handling.


The following table gives a description of the fields that are visible on the Bonded Attachment record:

Label Type Description
Number String The unique Bonded Attachment identifier.
State Choice The attachment synchronisation state.
Bond Reference The Bond this record belongs to.
Transaction Reference The Transaction this attachment was sent with.
Size (bytes) Integer The size in bytes of the attachment.
Content type String The attachment content type.
Created Glide date time The time the attachment record was created.
Created by String The person/system who created the attachment record.
Attachment Reference The system attachment.
File name String The file name of the attachment.
Status String Information message about the attachment synchronisation.

State Control

The state is set in conjunction with the information contained on the Integration & Bond (concerning permitted file types & attachment sizes etc.) and is used to determine whether or not to send the attachment, or where it sits in the process. The Bonded Attachment lifecycle can be seen in the following table which describes the State field value choices:

Label Sequence Description
Ready 0 The attachment is queued ready for sending.
Sending 1 The attachment is in the process of being sent.
Sent 2 The attachment has been sent successfully.
Complete 3 The attachment has been sent & we have received a receipt acknowledging it.
Rejected 4 An attempt was made to send the attachment, but was rejected.
Failed 5 There was a technical reason sending the attachment failed.
Ignored 6 The attachment was ignored (E.g. because it exceeded the maximum allowed file size).