Poll Processors

Poll Processors are used to setup, execute and process Poll Requests.

The Poll Processor is a configuration record which contains the logic that will be applied when polling a remote system for data. There are three main scripts which are used to setup, execute and process the Poll Requests.

Setup Script

The Setup Script is the first script to run (it runs at the point in time the Poll Request is created). It is used to build the environment for the poll and define what it will do (for example, create/setup the URL that will be called). It also supplies a params object as one of the arguments, which will be passed through to the subsequent scripts (and on to further Pollers, if required).

Request Script

The Request Script is used to reach into the remote system and execute the request. This is usually done by making a REST call to the URL defined in the Setup Script.

Response Script

The Response Script is used to process the information returned from the remote system. This could include converting the data from its proprietary format to a more usable format, sending the data to Unifi, or even kicking off a new poll.

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