You should have successfully configured a Poll Processor and Poller. You should also have configured the ResolveIncidentInbound message. The next thing to do is to test.

It may help to esure the Poller we created is turned off (Active set to 'false') whilst conducting these tests and to manually execute it as required (this can still be done even if the Poller is inactive). This is so that we don't have to wait for the Poller to run, but rather manually activate it when needed by clicking 'Execute Now'.

To turn off the Poller, in the Unifi Integration Designer window, navigate to the 'Pollers' icon & set Active to false. (If you've created this Multiple Message Poller by editing the previously configured Update Poller, it may already be inactive.)

Our Poll Processor has been configured to poll for updates from our PDI and make a decision, telling Unifi which Message to use to process that data. We will therefore test our poller by means of testing both of the inbound Messages on our Integration:

  • UpdateIncidentInbound

  • ResolveIncidentInbound

We will look in more detail at the steps for each over the next couple of pages.

First, we shall test the UpdateIncidentInbound Message.

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