Edit Child Update Poller

A Poller is a configuration record which defines the frequency of polling and which logic to use.

We will edit the previously created Child Update Poller, so that it runs our new "Unifi - SN REST Poller Single Incident with Attachments" (as created in the previous section) instead of the originally configured Poll Processor.

To edit the Child update Poller, click the 'Pollers' icon.

Click to open < Your Child Update Poller > (created following the Incident Parent and Child Poller Guide)


The fields to be edited for the Details form are as follows:






Poll processor

The Poll Processor to use when running this Poller.

<Your Poll Processor>*



A description of what this Poller is for and/or how it works.

<Your Description> (edit accordingly)

*Poll Processor: Value may vary. Choose the Poll Processor you created in the previous section.

Your Details form should look like this:

3) Save the Poller.

In the next section, we will look at the Inbound Messages.

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