Web Service

The entry point for a Process - there should be one endpoint per Process. Once connected, messages are guided to the Integration based on the unique combination of authentication user & endpoint.

Scripted REST API

In native ServiceNow, navigate to System Web Services > Scripted Web Services > Scripted REST APIs. Click Unifi.

Scripted REST Resources

Navigate to the Resources Related List.

The Unifi Scripted REST API ships with Message template and Attachment template Resources. Unifi uses these templates and substitutes values from the newly created Process to automatically create the equivalent Scripted REST Resources.

Note: The Default ACLs role [x_snd_eb_integration] will need to be given to your Integration User to access the automatically created REST Resources.

Updated Process

Note: The Process record has been updated with the names of the REST Service, Message method and Attachment method. This will enable the Packager to pick it up so that it will be included in the packaged update set. For more information see the Packager Feature Guide.

We will now continue to configure the Integration.

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