Receipt Message

The Receipt Message is the asynchronous receipt that is sent after processing update type messages.

Again, after clicking the 'Messages' icon, you are directed to the following screen (note: the three previously configured messages are now visible in the list):

1) Click on the ellipsis to the right of the CreateIncidentReceipt Message & click Copy.

Rather than create the Receipt Message from scratch, it will be quicker to copy the CreateIncidentReceipt Message and make one minor change.

Copy Message Modal

The fields to edit for the Copy Message modal are as follows:

Your Copy Message modal should look like this:

3) Click Copy.

You will be redirected to the Details page of the newly created Receipt Message.

Bond Fields

Navigate to Message > Bond.

The Bond fields to be edited are as follows:

*Set bond state choices: None, Pending, Open, Suspended, Vendor suspended, Closed

Your Bond form should look like this:

5) Click Save.

6) Click Build Message.

You will see the 'Message build successful' Info Message.

7) Click the 'Messages' icon to move on & configure the UpdateIncident Message.

There is no further configuration required for the Receipt Message.

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