Congratulations on completing this bidirectional asynchronous Incident integration Guide.

This Guide has shown us how to configure an asynchronous Incident integration, sending bidirectional messages via the REST service. The elements we configured were:

  • Process

  • Integration

  • Connections

  • Messages

  • Fields

The items automatically created by Unifi were:

  • Web Service

  • Trigger

In testing our integration, we created, updated and resolved an Incident - following the data as it flowed from our ServiceNow Incident record, through the Unifi transaction message bus, to the external system's Incident record.

By Using the Unifi integration platform, we have discovered that building and testing our integration is simpler and more efficient, saving both time and money. Our hope is that this Guide has been a valuable aid to you in that process.

For further information please see our technical documentation.

If you have any feedback or questions, please contact us via our website contact form.

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