Packager Feature Guide

This guide will demonstrate just how easy it is to package up all the elements of an integration so that it can be migrated between ServiceNow instances - 1-click easy!


We are very pleased to be demonstrating this exciting feature in Unifi which makes moving Integrations between instances simpler and easier than ever.


This document will guide you through the Packager feature. It will demonstrate how straightforward and efficient the task of moving your Integration can be.

Prior to the release of this feature we recommended that you build your Integration in its own Global Application in order to facilitate moving integrations between instances as efficiently as possible. This was the best method available using OOTB native ServiceNow functionality.

As good as that method was, there were issues to overcome when migrating integrations that belong to the same Process. There are a few records which are shared by multiple integrations (Trigger Business Rule, Web Service & Process - one per Process) and so the application/integration being migrated may or may not contain one or more of those records - depending on which application scope they were configured in. They may have had to be migrated separately.

This feature solves that problem. The Packager will pull together all of the relevant records and place them in an Update Set ready for migration.

NOTE: The ServiceNow System Administrator (admin) role is required to see the automatic download and view updates in the Update Set (and to select Application Scope - if required).


We will demonstrate packaging the Integration configured in the Bidirectional Incident Guide so that it’s available to import to another instance.

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