Global system settings for Unifi.

The Properties module is where you will find the global system settings for the Unifi application.

Integrations Enabled

Control all integrations using this master switch.

Read-only Role

Allow users with this role to read bond records for informational purposes. Intended for giving access using related bond lists on the process tables. It does not expose the application menu. For greater control use the x_snd_eb.user role.

System Logging

Choose the required logging level for the application: 'debug' writes all logs to the database, 'info' writes informational, warning and error logs to the database.

Debug mode is extremely resource intensive. Only choose 'debug' for troubleshooting when session debugging is not adequate.

Debug Mode

Use for general integration debugging to capture debug messages in the console in addition to info, warn and error.

Trace Mode

Enable input/output trace logs for functions that have been wrapped for tracing.

Requires Debug mode to be enabled.

Core Debug Mode

Enable input/output trace logs for core application methods. This produces extremely verbose logs from all core scripts which will help ShareLogic Ltd if you ever run into trouble with the app.

Not required for general integration debugging.

The choices are:

  • Off: No debug mode is active. Performance is not affected.

  • Silent: Enhanced exception handling and error logs. Performance is slightly affected.

  • Trace: Functional profiling in addition to enhanced exception handling and error logs. Peformance is affected. Requires Trace mode to be enabled.

Log Portal Activities

Turns on Activity Logs for Service Portal interfaces.

Activity Log Cleanup

How many days should Activity Logs be kept before being removed?

Default: 7.

Designer: Standard list columns

Configure which columns are always shown on lists in the Unifi Integration Designer portal. Multiple columns should be separated by a comma.

Orphaned Transaction Cleanup Age

How many days should orphaned transactions be kept before they are removed?

Default: 7.

Orphaned Transaction Cleanup Limit

What is the maximum number of orphaned transactions to remove at any one time?

Default: 1000.

Enable Integration Attachments

Enables logs and payloads generated by Unifi transaction processing to be attached to transactional records.

Logging attachments this way is now deprecated and has been replaced by the Unifi portal and Activity Log.

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