Unifi 3.1 Release Notes
Here you will find details of what's changed in this release, including new features & improvements, deprecated features and general fixes.


Unifi 3.1 was released on 20 September, 2021 and contains several important updates and performance improvements.

Upgrade Notice

Please note that, as with every release, there may be some changes that are not entirely compatible with your existing integrations. While we do everything we can to make sure you won’t have to fix your integrations when upgrading, we strongly encourage all our customers to perform full end-to-end tests of their integrations before upgrading Unifi in Production.
We also highly recommend aligning your Unifi upgrade with your ServiceNow upgrade. This means you only need to test your integrations one time rather than once for the ServiceNow upgrade and once for the Unifi upgrade.

Feedback and Reviews

We really appreciate feedback on what we’re doing - whether it’s right or wrong! We take feedback very seriously, so if you feel you’d give us anything less than a 5 star rating, we’d love to hear from you so we can find out what we need to do to improve!
If you would rate us 5 stars, and haven’t left a review on the ServiceNow Store yet, we’d be grateful if you would head over there to leave us your feedback. It only takes a few minutes and really does help us a lot. Go on, you know you want to leave a 5-star review on the Store!

Unifi 3.1 Highlights

Automatic Heartbeat

Heartbeat messages can be setup to automatically monitor and manage the integration. When a heartbeat message fails, the integration status will be marked as "Down" and all outbound messages will be queued. As soon as another heartbeat is successful, the integration status is marked as "Up" and the integration is automatically resumed.

Portal Performance

Unifi Integration Designer benefits from a significant performance upgrade with lists and forms loading up to 10x faster than previous versions.

New Features & Improvements

    UN-239 Add connection test/heartbeat
    UN-262 Add scripted condition to Response Actions
    UN-424 Default Response Action for Heartbeat message
    UN-435 Automatically create and maintain Heartbeat message scheduled jobs
    UN-623 Add OAuth Get Token button to Connection
    UN-650 Allow Response Actions to cater for group codes
    UN-1012 Add version and integrations to about modal
    UN-1016 Message Fields list should filter on Message table
    UN-1017 Allow Async heartbeat messages
    UN-1020 Add cleanup for old Heartbeat transactions
    UN-1027 Heartbeat messages should automatically send identifying request headers
    UN-1029 Heartbeat messages should only send when the integration is active
    UN-1030 Heartbeat messages should not be queued
    UN-1031 Prevent creation of integrations in the Unifi scope
    UN-1036 Add headers variable to response action
    UN-1037 Transaction Repair should not process heartbeat messages
    UN-1038 Message sending should be queued when the integration is down, not just paused
    UN-1043 Hide portal announcements for Unifi portals
    UN-1046 Reduce number of calls to clear scope messages
    UN-1047 Performance improvements
    UN-1051 Make all UI Scripts of type "Desktop" to prevent global loading with every widget request


    UN-929 button flickers off before settling on
    UN-974 Copying Field Records (between Integrations) retains reference to original Field Map
    UN-1006 Connection Test Response Body Result Overrunning Connection Test Modal
    UN-1007 Full page script fields aren't editable - Unifi Integration Designer
    UN-1008 Integration Test Scenario not replacing Connection or Endpoint URL
    UN-1009 TypeError on Process Portal Page for Unifi Admin role
    UN-1010 About Modal Logo Colour Wrong
    UN-1011 TypeError for Unifi Admin on Test Assistant Dashboard (Firefox & Edge)
    UN-1018 Event action count is incorrect on Message
    UN-1019 When creating a new Message in Designer, async is true by default
    UN-1022 Inbound endpoints filter on Connection is not specific enough
    UN-1026 Number generation does not work correctly when instance is preventing numbering gaps
    UN-1028 Errors in Reference lookup scripts are ignored
    UN-1032 Embedded Field list on Message is not showing non-table fields
    UN-1035 Server scripts with "use strict" cause errors
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