The navigation menu items are grouped logically according to several different areas:

  • Bonding records hold all the data that links your instance to external systems.
  • Transport records give full visibility into what messages were sent and received.
  • Configuration is where you create and manage all your integrations.
  • Polling allows for pollers to be setup to automatically pull data from systems that cannot push.
  • Administration contains global settings and other items useful for working with the app.


Navigate to Administration > Properties and ensure the Integrations Enabled property is checked.


Integrations are grouped by Process and each contains the configuration necessary to connect to one external system.

To add a new Integration you must have already configured a Process record (with associated web services) if you want to receive inbound Messages

Integrations must have an active Connection for them to work. The active Connection tells outbound Messages where to go and specifies the user that is allowed to send data inbound (you must create unique users for each vendor).

Add Messages to control when and what data is sent and received and how it is processed.

Integration form


Use the Dashboard to monitor your integrations and see how external systems are performing.