The Stage is the root staging table for all data mapping.

Stages are a snapshot of the data either at the time of being sent or received. The Stage stores the snapshot of data, which is what facilitates the asynchronous exchange of Messages. Having that data called out into separate fields provides a clean & clear view of the data being sent/received, which in turn can provide a clearer picture of the cause of any potential discrepancies in the mapping of data that is being translated*/transformed**.

*Translated: a movement of data

**Transformed: a movement and a change of data


The following table gives a description of the fields that are visible on the Stage record:

Field Type Description
Number String The unique Stage identifier.
Internal reference String The ServiceNow ticket reference.
External reference String The external system’s ticket reference.
Direction Choice The direction this record is travelling in.
Integration Reference The integration this record belongs to.
Transaction Reference The transaction this record belongs to.
Message Reference The message used to process this record.
Process Data Fields String The fields that correlate to the data being sent/received. They are uniquely configured per Process.